GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Around the World with Travel Pinoy Explorer

GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Around the World with Travel Pinoy Explorer

Every year is another chance to make things right.

A clean slate of new opportunities can give way to more success in the future.
Just like our featured global expat who never gave up on his dreams.

Growing up from a poor family, Ken Millar, did everything he could to have a better life.

He belongs to a family of 10. His father, an American, abandoned him. He is one of those children who became products of the U.S Military Base is Subic, Zambales in the Philippines. Unfortunately, he wasn’t granted with any legal rights when the U.S Government cast off their duties on cases like Ken’s.

To make things worse, he got bullied by his peers; ridiculed and called many names.

Looking forward today, Ken is an epitome of success. Having travelled almost the entire world, he definitely knows that he already hit all the right marks to get what he wants in life.

He is currently living the life he never thought he deserves. Happiness and contentment seems very evident to our featured global expat. He beams with satisfaction as he experience every country he’s been to.

Here are Ken’s most valuable travels that you shouldn’t really miss!

His travels in Europe and Asia include the most picture-worthy destinations that any tourist would love to visit!

He also visited North America, particularly in Greenland, which is considered to be a world apart with all the glaciers and frontiers wrapping it all up.

Coming from someone who grew up in the Philippines, traveling the world made him realize how much of a paradise his country is. It would only have been perfect  if it would keep up with the progress of other countries he have seen and visited. He hopes that someday, the Philippines would be one of the most modern cities in the world.

In the future, he dreams of publishing a book with all his travels and memoirs about everything he’s been through.

By that time, Ken Millar have definitely seen more of life and more of the world.

We should definitely watch out and be inspired more by him.

Never be afraid to try and test the horizons. 

Happy New Year, PeN Pals!

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Pen App finally lands on Google Play

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PEN is designed with the ideals of simplicity and is continuously being improved to provide a better user experience. Basic functionalities includes
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