If you have been following the news lately, a clamor between this era’s most reputable ‘superminds’ go-round among tech discussions.


When high-caliber brainiacs debate over an issue pressingly, you could tell how consequential that issue must be. Is Mark Zuckerberg right to be optimistic by allowing A.I to take over?

The debate between Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg will particularly make you hooked on how momentous of an issue Artificial Intelligence is. How come a supposed technological advancement became such an important concern rather than a celebrated interest?

Artificial Intelligence sparks the interest of many. Technological developers have been consistently producing trials for AI’s success.

However, does humanity really need this leap of advancement or its just a hyped endeavor for a chance to successfully showcase a machine’s superintelligence?

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk doubts the need for AI,opposing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. These concerns are epitomized mainly by ethical standards that has to be imposed on AI-produced superintelligent bots.

Facebook reportedly acquired Ozlo, an AI that reads texts that will base recommendations based on text exchange and the likes. Ozlo primarily targets the improvement of Facebook Messenger by increasing the scope of business possibilities.

Superintelligence is AI’s feat and impediment at the same time. In fact, AI’s success can be hindered by simply being itself, a superintelligent thinking machine.

Imposing standards on ethics is almost unthinkable just by pertaining to its complexity.

Narrowing questions about its possible implications are deemed endless because in reality, how do you stop a superintelligent thinking machine to stop thinking once data are released on the web? How do you stop overdoing what it can do?

How would you simply limit something that isn’t designed for just being average but for something that is expected to outperform itself each time it executes?

For now, we can just watch and wait altogether. They can do whaterver they want, after all.


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