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What To Do After Christmas

What To Do After Christmas

So, the Christmas is over (in some parts of the globe, and people are asking – What do we do next?

Well, one thing is for sure.

The fun and the kindness should never stop!

But aside from that, here’s my personal TO DO list after Christmas.

1. Clean up the mess from last night’s party.

It’s time to clear everything and make your house squeaky clean once again. Besides, you wouldn’t want your house to smell like rotten pizza, right?

2. Organize the gifts

I also organize my gifts in such a way that I put out those that I can use (or eat) immediately, and keep the ones that can last longer.

3. Thank those who gave you presents.

If you were not able to thank those who remembered you, you can always call – or probably send them homemade cookies.

4. Look back and savour the laughter from last night.

I hope you took loads of photos. If not, ask your families and friends to ‘tag’ you.

5. Call your families and friends to check on them.

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6. Go to church.

Because it’s always good to Thank God for practically anything.

7. Look for more parties!

Because…Why not? ☺

How about you? What’s your plan?



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Last Minute Christmas Checklist – You Might be Forgetting Something

Last Minute Christmas Checklist – You Might be Forgetting Something

Christmas is just few hours away and are you ready?

Have you completed your Christmas chores?


Are you sure about that?

Well, I’m going to help you with a Christmas Checklist – You know, just in case you are like me – A FORGETFUL MOMMY!


We need good food when it’s Christmas, right? 😀  Make sure that you have done your grocery shopping few days before. Today, check if the ingredients are complete and have a last run to the supermarket for anything you missed out. It would be cool to organize your ingredients based on the meals you are about to prepare. That’s how you can easily tell if you lack anything.


If you want to be healthy, you can always make your homemade juices. If adults are coming, you can always stack on wine or beers. Just make sure they won’t get ‘wasted’ and can still drive home after the party.


You need great tunes for Christmas. It’s always cool to dance along, right? Pump up your playlist that will run for the whole night.


Check again! You might be forgetting someone. It is always safe to get extra ‘gender-neutral’ gifts for moments like this. That’s what I always do when I buy gifts.


And for the kids, be a Santa by giving them candy canes!

Good Stories

After dinner, make sure to prepare lovely stories that you can share with your families and friends.

Heartfelt Messages

Speaking of families and friends, do you have loved ones living in other countries? If yes, give them a call using PeN or send the most amazing messages this Holiday season.

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