What To Do After Christmas

What To Do After Christmas

So, the Christmas is over (in some parts of the globe, and people are asking – What do we do next?

Well, one thing is for sure.

The fun and the kindness should never stop!

But aside from that, here’s my personal TO DO list after Christmas.

1. Clean up the mess from last night’s party.

It’s time to clear everything and make your house squeaky clean once again. Besides, you wouldn’t want your house to smell like rotten pizza, right?

2. Organize the gifts

I also organize my gifts in such a way that I put out those that I can use (or eat) immediately, and keep the ones that can last longer.

3. Thank those who gave you presents.

If you were not able to thank those who remembered you, you can always call – or probably send them homemade cookies.

4. Look back and savour the laughter from last night.

I hope you took loads of photos. If not, ask your families and friends to ‘tag’ you.

5. Call your families and friends to check on them.

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6. Go to church.

Because it’s always good to Thank God for practically anything.

7. Look for more parties!

Because…Why not? ☺

How about you? What’s your plan?



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Last Minute Christmas Checklist – You Might be Forgetting Something

Last Minute Christmas Checklist – You Might be Forgetting Something

Christmas is just few hours away and are you ready?

Have you completed your Christmas chores?


Are you sure about that?

Well, I’m going to help you with a Christmas Checklist – You know, just in case you are like me – A FORGETFUL MOMMY!


We need good food when it’s Christmas, right? 😀  Make sure that you have done your grocery shopping few days before. Today, check if the ingredients are complete and have a last run to the supermarket for anything you missed out. It would be cool to organize your ingredients based on the meals you are about to prepare. That’s how you can easily tell if you lack anything.


If you want to be healthy, you can always make your homemade juices. If adults are coming, you can always stack on wine or beers. Just make sure they won’t get ‘wasted’ and can still drive home after the party.


You need great tunes for Christmas. It’s always cool to dance along, right? Pump up your playlist that will run for the whole night.


Check again! You might be forgetting someone. It is always safe to get extra ‘gender-neutral’ gifts for moments like this. That’s what I always do when I buy gifts.


And for the kids, be a Santa by giving them candy canes!

Good Stories

After dinner, make sure to prepare lovely stories that you can share with your families and friends.

Heartfelt Messages

Speaking of families and friends, do you have loved ones living in other countries? If yes, give them a call using PeN or send the most amazing messages this Holiday season.

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LOOK at These People Bathing In Snow!

LOOK at These People Bathing In Snow!

Believe it or not, bathing in extremely cold temperature helps the immune system become stronger.

It has also imposed other health advantages such as increased alertness, relieves depression and stress, weight loss stimulation and the likes.

In other places on the planet, bathing in negative temperatures is not only practiced to gain these health benefits but to also commemmorate their religious beliefs.

Russian Orthodox christian men and women dives in extremely cold water to mark the coming of Epiphany.

Every 19th of January, men and women dip in cross-shaped pools to mark the baptism of Jesus.

Though it is undeniably freezing, they seem to enjoy it!

Even children carry their own buckets to have freezing cold water poured on them. Passing on tradition from their ancestors keeping it alive to the next.


Do you think you can do it?

Look into the whole process through this video:

For more features, follow the PeN community @


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Hey PeN Pals!

Ready to switch to your festive mood, yet?

This feature could make you drool for real; maybe you would be adding this to your holiday menu!

Have you heard of The Greenery Creamy?

It is definitely not your ordinary ice cream parlor!

“The Greenery Creamery is a tiny space with a big heart. It is downtown’s quick stop-and-go ice cream boutique to refuel the spirit”, according to their Kickstarter page.

The co-founders, Marie and Mo, have thoughtfully built their dream business by including more important factors whilst establishing a responsible business plan.

Committing not only to its loyal customers by helping the community, the ice cream boutique will surely set a good example through its environmental sustainability efforts.

“Everything used will be compostable and/or biodegradable, recycled, and purchased locally or organic if possible!”

Well, here’s another impressive twist about this ice cream boutique!


According to studies, veganism reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, our vegan friends deserve more appreciation for their efforts of keeping a healthier lifestyle while caring for the environment.

While most non-vegans think that vegan food is boring, maybe they haven’t explored The Greenery Creamery options yet.


The perfect holiday dessert would be this! The Greenery Creamery’s Holiday Vegan flavor is an assortment of everything homey and festive: Coconut cream base + chocolate + peppermint + a tad of espresso!

A triad of flavors: Butter Pecan + Speculoos + Black Ash Coconut

The Greenery Creamery’s vegan and gluten-free Black Ash waffle cones!

The Thai Tea Ice Cream is probably one of their best-sellers!

Good thing there are healthy sugars on this Red Raspberry Sorbet so everyone can indulge on its goodness!


Hungry yet?

Head to downtown Orlando now for your daily fix of The Greenery Creamery!

(Well, only if you live nearby!)

By the way, if you want to help their business expansion, pledge here.

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GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Holiday Greetings from the Delos Reyeses

GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Holiday Greetings from the Delos Reyeses

Hey PeN Pals!

How’s your holiday preparations doing?

While everyone around is busy finishing loads of work to enjoy the holidays and wrapping gifts for Christmas, let’s take a moment and peek into our featured global expats!

The Delos Reyes Family from Winnipeg, Canada.

It’s been almost a decade since our featured expats left the Philippines for better opportunities in Winnipeg, Canada.

Leaving was hard yet full of anticipation for what awaits them.

Choy and Jessica delos Reyes brought their kids with them; they wanted to provide the best life for their family.

The Delos Reyes kids: Miguel, Carlos and Isabelle.

“We were all excited”, said Mrs. Delos Reyes. The couple have been waiting for their plans to take place one by one. They knew pursuing greener pastures would be beneficial for their offsprings. It will open more opportunities to them.

It is different abroad. Of course,  the Philippines will always be home to them but given that better opportunities came knocking on them, they knew they had to grab it.

They knew things will not be perfect but they were ready to face the trials. “If others can do it, why can’t we?”, the couple thought.

And so, the difficulties came of little weight as if they weren’t burdens at all. The Delos Reyes family dealt with problems that are not really peculiar to foreign workers.

It was mainly the Canadian culture that made it harder to adapt at first. The language barrier and new faces; change in daily routines and homesickness were of course making the new foreign family pressured.

“We had to be there for each other”, said Mrs. Delos Reyes.

“If I sense that someone (in our family) is on the verge of sadness, I always make sure that things are immediately assessed and that they are assured that we’ve got each other’s back; remind ourselves why went there in the first place”.

Life back home in the Philippines is seldom quiet nor empty. Often living with extended families, Filipinos are used to having other family members around. They have their grandmothers, aunts, nieces and nephews sometimes living with them in one household.

“It is hard not to have other relatives nearby. You have to do it all by yourself”, according to the couple. That’s why having new friends and support system is extremely important for our dear expats, at least for a solid moral support.

This holiday season, the Delos Reyes family plans to spend it simply. Work also has to continue even on holidays so a part of their special day would be spent working.

KEEPING THE FAITH. The Delos Reyes family never sees to it that their faith is bigger than their problems. Their family is stronger and closer than before.

Although it is a snowy winter wonderland in Winnipeg, holidays in the Philippines are undoubtedly better.

“Christmas will always be best spent where our hearts are. We may find success here but the Philippines, where we were molded, will always be the best place for us.”

A Christmas postcard made by the Delos Reyeses.

Indeed, home is truly where the heart is.

For more featured global expats, follow the ‘GLOBAL EXPATS’ community on PeN!

Have a merry holiday season, PeN Pals!

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Spending Christmas Away from your Families and Friends?

Spending Christmas Away from your Families and Friends?

It’s almost Christmas and you are probably seeing a lot of commercials and advertisements about the Holidays! Most of these consist of family and friends gathering together, sharing smiles, sharing amazing home-cooked meals, and exchanging gifts.

Instead of being happy, you actually feel sad just because – you are far away from your loved ones. 

Of course, nothing can replace being with them, most especially this season. But that doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of being happy. Here are some of the alternative activities you can do to still enjoy the Holiday – even if you are miles away from your ‘gang’.

Spend Christmas with Newly-Found Friends

If you are new in the town, it’s about time that you widen your circle. Even if your closest friends are in another place, that shouldn’t stop you from making new ones. Perhaps, some of them are open to having you as a special guest. At least you get to enjoy Christmas with another set of family.

Send Simple Gifts to Your Loved Ones

Show your love by sending gifts to your loved ones back home. This doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to let them know that you care. Why don’t you send a Christmas postcard? Personally, I would rather have the traditional cards than an e-card. That’s more personal, don’t you think?

Organize a Charitable Event

Pay it forward by sharing your blessings with the needy. If you and your friends are all spending Christmas away from your families, maybe you can organize an event such as this. I tell you, it will be awesome.

Video Call with Your Families and Friends

And lastly, you can still celebrate with the people you cherish the most. But this time, it’s going to be virtual. It’s the next best thing!

I remember my brother spending his New Year’s Eve in the Middle East. What we did was to set a video call with him. He was happily eating his ice cream from his hotel while watching fireworks thousands of miles away!

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PRESS RELEASE: Here’s a Hack For YOU to Get a *FREE* Holiday Shopping Money!

PRESS RELEASE: Here’s a Hack For YOU to Get a *FREE* Holiday Shopping Money!

Recently, PeN smartphone superapp launched their newest feature that would make every shopaholic or even financial savvy go busy clicking on their favorite online shopping sites!

Everyone is entitled to redeem PeN’s SHOPPING MONEY- all thanks to PeN!


Every second spent on the app is automatically reciprocated with credit points which can be eventually redeemed as an Amazon gift cheque!

It’s a perfect way add more budget on your pocket for this holiday season! Use these points to buy gifts for your loved ones or for that most-awaited gadget you’ve been eyeing for a long time!

All you have to do is use the app! Easy, right?

PeN users can start redeeming once they reach 5,000 PeNNey credits! You may check the superapp now to have a clear idea of this new concept.

Every 150 PeNNey credit will be equivalent to 1USD!

Now, do the math!

Will you be giving that gift cheque to your loved ones or spend it all to yourself?

Keep using PeN to earn more! Play the lucky draw for a chance to win 100 PeNNey at a time!

Now, if you want to try your luck much harder, you can simply post the hashtags #penrewards or #mysquadgoals and win a 5-star hotel stay or a new toy for your child like the Nintendo Switch!

What are you waiting for?
Enjoy PeN now!

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Already completing your Christmas gift list? If you’re thinking of a more significant way of spending the holidays, you better check this out.
In the Philippines, Christmas season usually starts as early as September. You can literally hear Christmas songs and see festive decors on any public places once the 1st of September hits the calendar.
Christmas is all about giving and this year, an exceptional organization is planning to make Christmas more meaningful by reaching out to persons with disabilities.
GUIDE, Inc. or (Guided and Unified Interaction for the Development of Children, Inc, a non-stock-non-profit volunteer service organization, is conducting its 7th annual event for persons with disabilities (PWD). Concurring on the same day as the International Day of People with Disabilities on the 3rd of December 2017, the ‘Kasama, Sama Ka (KSK)’ event will treat young PWD a fun and engaging day where they can enjoy and show off their talents. The event is set to distribute gifts and prizes for the 1000 PWD participants.
Dr. Gerry Duwin A. dela Zerna, president and founder of GUIDE, Inc.,  organized KSK to raise awareness for PWD and for them to be more accepted in the society.
“KSK is one way of demonstrating inclusiveness in our society where PWD are also given that equal chance to be at par with their counterparts”, explained dela Zerna.
GUIDE Inc. is in need of 1,200 volunteers to make the event more successful. These volunteers would attest to the group’s interest of embodying genuine acceptance of every PWD in the community. Dr. dela Zerna also appeals to the public’s generous hearts through donation of bath towel, bath soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpaste and slippers that would be included in the loot bags.
If you think volunteerism will only help the handicapped, you haven’t explored the benefits it could provide the volunteers yet.
According to  Habitat For Humanity, volunteering does more for the volunteers. It can create new jobs or promotions strengthening career profiles and resumes; being involved in other people’s milestones;  create a longer, lasting and meaningful life ; and travel opportunities around the world.
“If Christmas has led to the beginning of Christianity, GUIDE, Inc. is leading toward acceptance of PWD in the community. Christmas is a symbol of love, peace and joy at the same time that KSK emboldens hope, caring and generosity”, said Dr. dela Zerna.
GUIDE, Inc. is a volunteer-driven organization geared towards helping children with physical, intelectual and emotional disorders/disabilties. For donations, volunteer sign-up and more,  kindly contact Dr. Gerry dela Zerna at +63 917 843 7758. 


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Are you having troubles thinking of a great Christmas Tree decoration this year? Don’t fret anymore because there are so many ideas to choose from. You can check this link. You can even find DIY project you and your kids can enjoy. Start early and feel the Yuletide season longer.

Quick Tip: Do your Christmas shopping as early as now to avoid the rush. Plus, you can get deals too.

Do you have other ideas to share? Build a community in PeN and make new friends too!

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