PeNxGreenRevolution: What’s the Last Piece of Trash You Threw Away?

PeNxGreenRevolution: What’s the Last Piece of Trash You Threw Away?

I wonder how others felt when they saw me picking up random trash in the powdery sands of Boracay.

Were they offended? Did I convey a message? Did I even make an impact? Did I look hideous to them?

While wandering on the beachside on my recent visit to Boracay, there were two ladies standing beside a pile of rubbish but they don’t seem to notice. I waited for like half a minute on a corner for them to leave so I can pick up the pieces of trash.

There were plastic bottles of various water and coffee brands; a can of soda and some candy wrappers, too.

I stayed until they were done with their business.

I finally picked the rubbishes on that stretch. I found a handful and I couldn’t help but feel ashamed for those who don’t care for the environment.

People lack awareness on these environmental issues that we are facing. The future of our planet is in deep trouble. We can do something, but we’re too busy with our own welfare.

Like the girls I waited for to pick up the rubbish on the sand who were busy doing their own thing- taking selfies.

Were the reports about marine species dying each day still not enough? Turtles choking from rubber bands; whales ingesting rubber tires and plastic containers?

Was my concern valid? Yes. Can I do something about it?Definitely! But I am just me- I am nothing but a small voice!

I was so worried until I found these pictures. A collective effort of single individuals aiming to make an impact.

My voice, my worries can count with like-minded people like them.

The Lions and Leo Clubs of Iloilo conducted a Beach Clean-up Drive in the island of Boracay. The white powdery sand of Boracay was able to breathe out of the toxic pollution brought by man.

Young people serve as positive agents of change within their communities. These young leaders develop valuable leadership skills, make new friends and have fun. -Miles Armada, Leo Chairperson at LCI

So, what’s the last piece of trash that you threw away? Have you ever thought of the impact of that single piece of candy wrapper in your pocket? That soda can that you just threw out of nowhere?

Before throwing that thrash away, you may think of other ways you can do about it. Recycle!

Before throwing that thrash away, you may simply take it for another use. Perhaps, re-use it?

Before buying anything, make sure you really need it. Or would it just be collecting dust in the storage? Wouldn’t you mind reducing clutter or practice a minimalist lifestyle?

Be an advocate for the environment. Be a responsible traveler. Show some love for Mother Earth.

Let’s all work together to create a bigger impact.

Found a distressed animal? Found an illegal mining pit? Or simply anything that violates the environment?

Report it using PeN!

Free emergency calls at all times!

Download it at


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SWEDEN, September 15 /PEN/PeN super app is planting at least 100 trees everyday vowing to use its worldwide reach for a much greater cause- make a difference for Mother Earth.

Aggressive trade and technology advancement seem to contribute to a faster run-down of the environment’s overall health. Electronic wastes fume unwanted toxic chemicals, such as Cadmium, from all sorts of landfills. According to M.B. Kirkham, Cadmium can bioaccumulate in the environment posing harm due to highly toxic substances.

Technology has been steadily improving thus a campaign for a more responsible usage and disposal must be globally raised to reciprocate its growing environmental threat.

PeN has already planted a total of 12, 537 trees (as of this writing) since it started its global campaign in June 2017. Alongside the company’s growth will surely benefit the environment by expecting a new tree to be planted for every 10 app download. The total number of downloads from June to August 2017 alone totalled to a whopping 121,782 hence the said planted trees.

Image 1. A glimpse on the remote location in the Philippines where the initial trees are being planted.

Barely two years in the business, PeN has already attracted almost a million users worldwide mostly coming from India, Middle East and Asia. Beginners luck? Not really. Having a real-deal visionary CEO, this super app will surely break barriers.

PeN, packed with the most advanced ideas, is set to redefine how an app should serve society and slowing down its development to provide the best features for its users is not yet an option. It will continue to plant trees for its unwaged sustainable and eco-conscious responsibility.

Ian Vernon, PeN CEO, wants to make sure that the PeN super app will do more good than harm.

He knows that everyone will need the PeN app sooner than you think.

With more sensible features heeding the current needs of society, PeN is definitely the next big thing.


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SWEDEN, September 12 /PeN/PeN has been helping flood victims in South Asia in reconnecting with their families by providing free messages and calls services.

Because of the heavy rains brought by the monsoon, millions of people in South Asia have lost their homes, and are getting ill. Diseases such as malaria and diarrhea are already on the rise. And unfortunately, more than 1,400 people have died.

Click photo to view news link.

There are approximately 41 million people affected across Bangladesh, Nepal, Indian states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Mumbai.

Aside from suffering from the physical loss and diseases, flood victims are also emotionally traumatized. That’s where PeN extends its services by providing more free calls and messages particularly in the affected areas.

“Sometimes, in order to feel better, you just need to know that somebody cares. Our current app users and total service usage in India, Nepal and Bangladesh have increased during this season, making PeN one of the most efficient ways to reconnect with families. We extended the low cost to almost free services because we know the dire need for this until, such time that the storm passes – literally and figuratively. And we intend to do the same, if there is a need to do so.”
– Charisma Quebral, PeN CMO

One of PeN’s core objectives is to be an instrument of communication for countries where there is limited internet connection.

The number of calls and messages serviced by PeN in South Asia increased by three times during the time of the flooding. The region is also considered the app’s major player with more than 250,000 users in that area alone.


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You Could be Damaging the Ozone Layer by Drinking Decaffeinated Coffee

You Could be Damaging the Ozone Layer by Drinking Decaffeinated Coffee

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Sustainable Energy For Everyone is Now Possible with SOLEVOLT

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Global Warming Woes: Communicable Disease More Imminent

Global Warming Woes: Communicable Disease More Imminent

In the recent past, a wide array of global phenomenon has contributed transformative impacts to animals, landscapes and mankind. These impacts were easily induced by excessive pollution and superfluous burning of fossil fuel that brought further consequences, immensely affecting every living organism on this planet. One of these consequences is the proliferation of old and new viruses and bacteria. Continue reading →

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How to Balance Advanced Technology and the Nature?

How to Balance Advanced Technology and the Nature?

Climate change and global warming is a hot topic in the news, notably when US President Donald Trump took the unpopular decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement. But what is the fuzz all about and how does it affect the common person?
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