Why I Would Not Spend One Day in Iloilo – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Why I Would Not Spend One Day in Iloilo – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED


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My colleague Zara and I were tasked to fly to Iloilo to attend a Music Festival, Syzygy. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I only had few days to prepare, 4 to be exact. While I am usually spontaneous, the Holidays are coming and I have to work on a tight budget. But what the heck, I haven’t been to Iloilo so I gave it a shot.

On our way there, our ‘Manila – Iloilo’ flight was delayed. I thought, “This wasn’t the best way to start an adventure.”

We only had a little over 24 hours to experience the city and here are the reasons why you SHOULD NOT DO IT…

Because I would seriously want to spend AT LEAST a week in this beautiful city and NOT JUST A DAY!

Why you may ask? Here are my reasons.

It’s a clean city – minimal traffic

I live in Laguna (from a far municipality of Laguna), so I am not used to polluted air and traffic. You can say, I am a legit PROBINSYANA. Thus, I am not really a fan of the metro because of the variety of pollution and ‘gulp’ traffic.

A year ago, we went to Cebu and while I love almost everything from that travel, I swear, the traffic was the least of my favorite. Since we were going to Iloilo city, I expected the same.

I was wrong.

There were few traffic jams along the way, but these are bearable. If you are used to traveling EDSA, the roads of Iloilo are heaven! And yes, the streets are impressively clean. That’s probably because of the second reason why I fell in love with the city.

People are disciplined, warm and hospitable

You can tell if the people are disciplined by looking at the surroundings. And yes, it truly manifested in the environment. The locals are also nice. In fact, I met a ‘virtual’ friend whom I met a couple of years ago online when I was still writing for a different company (she was a colleague – Hello Colleen and Karlo!). It was our first time to meet and I felt we were friends for ages! We talked about the weirdest stuff and I felt, I should have stayed longer so I can spend more time with them.

Their voice is just so addicting

This is actually my frustration, you know – to be soft spoken. I bet that even if you are in your worst mood, people from Iloilo can actually calm you down with their manner of speaking.

The food is superb and the pasalubongs are affordable

And how can we forget about the food? I didn’t bother asking what we were eating. Everything was awesome. Of course, the pasalubongs are affordable and I almost exceeded my baggage allowance!

It’s the perfect place to relocate

How good was it?

Zara, who has high standards for practically everything, is considering to relocate her family to Iloilo.

Need I say more?


P.S. Our Iloilo – Manila flight was delayed too. But hey, at least we got to spend few more hours in the city.


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