ATTENTION: 719 Alarming Fresh Cases of LEPROSY in India!

ATTENTION: 719 Alarming Fresh Cases of LEPROSY in India!

Eradicating Leprosy has been a long time battle in India.

Since 2005, although gradually decreasing the disease  statistics, Leprosy remains.

Leprosy is caused by Myobacterium leprae which affects the nerves of the extremities, lining of the nose and the upper respiratory tract.

Disturbing new number of Leprosy cases have already ballooned to 719 new patients in November 2017 which contributes to 63% of the world’s total cases according to a report by WHO.

The World Health organization strategizes to eliminate Leprosy by 2020. However, with these new cases rapidly increasing, a much effective policy seems to be needed now more than ever.

Leprosy can spread through mucus and droplets which can be heavily communicable; public awareness about the disease is certainly important.

Delayed attention to the disease could lead to:

  • disfigurement

  • hair loss, particularly on the eyebrows and eyelashes

  • muscle weakness

  • permanent nerve damage in the arms and legs

  • inability to use the hands and feet

  • chronic nasal congestion, nosebleeds, and collapse of the nasal septum

  • iritis (inflammation of the iris of the eye)

  • glaucoma (an eye disease that causes damage to the optic nerve)

  • blindness

  • erectile dysfunction and infertility

  • kidney failure


Prevention is always better than cure. Although Leprosy is treatable, avoiding the disease would be better.

“The best way to prevent leprosy is to avoid long-term, close contact with an untreated, infected person,” according to Health Line.

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India is incredibly breathtaking.

Take it from our newest PeN celebrity, Michelle Vibar.

Our 27-year old stunner hails from the Philippines and has been featured in several travel and lifestyle platforms. Michelle is quite an adventurer herself; she has conquered countless countries to date. Her snapshots in every travel destination speak S-O-U-L and she has done it again in her recent visit to India.

Take a look into one of her grandest gests!

Michelle, accompanied by her friends, enjoyed India’s culture and you can tell they blended well with the crowd.

They even tried the traditional sari even adding more mystique to Michelle’s vibrant charm.

She had hesitations prior her trip. She read certain reviews about some travelers’ previous experiences but those didn’t stop our PeN celebrity. Good thing she didn’t!

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Michelle said that there are 4 things to love about India: Food, People, Commodities and INDIA itself!

“India is a beautiful country; people are friendly and nice, they always have smiles on their faces! Everything is cheap and food is awesomely flavorful. ” – Michelle Vibar, PeN Celebrity

What’s not to love about India, right? Every direction is picturesque! What can you say about these locations they visited?


She’s definitely coming back, she said. Nothing can stop her from jet-setting the world.

Her trip to India is one of the best.

Watch out for more of her travels here on PeN!

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SWEDEN, October 3 /PEN/PeN super application has made bold efforts to make a difference in the mobile scene. Every user of PeN can be assured that they can use the mobile application in times of distress.

Have you downloaded the PeN app today?

One of its most valuable features is the PeN SOS. The number of smartphone users in the year 2017 has an estimate reach of 2.32 billion according to Statista. Clearly, majority of the world’s population has been using technology in their everyday lives but in case you’ve checked, only a small number of EMERGENCY mobile apps can be downloaded from various mobile application stores.

The last quarter of 2017 may have only started to unfold but a tragedy has already marked its terror during the latest attack in Las Vegas when a gunman heartlessly aimed and shot concert-goers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The victims had no idea that going to a concert could end their lives. Sadly, this is the reality we have to face every day. Neither race nor country can guess where the next act of terror will be served.

Accidents also happen whether we like it or not. For the underserved countries, emergency hotlines do not send help right away. In India, the total number of accidents from 2001-2015 has reached 4.7 Million according to its Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. During the last incident of stampede in India , PeN’s SOS feature could have located a person in distress in the stampede’s vicinity. If an accident happened to you, have you thought of the best back-up plan? Plan it with PeN!

With the help of PeN super app, calling your country’s emergency numbers, sending out distress feelers and helping friends or loved ones in need can be done with its built-in SOS feature. Each user can pre-assign emergency contacts in their smartphone. Nobody can tell when the next emergency situation will happen, right?

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About PeN : PeN is a super app from Dark Matter AB in Sweden with a complete suite of communication applications. PeN is an innovation from teams of individuals who helped improved user experiences on billions of mobile devices.


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Gangachotlapenta: What could be causing the mysterious cases of cattle deaths?

Could this be related to Pakistan’s Anthrax outbreak that initially killed 26 bovines instantly? PeN Chat reported it just a month ago in this article.

According to a report,  all the poor cattle heads die without known findings yet.  Some said that it could be from dog bites that eventually infested the remaining bovines.

Stay tuned as we monitor this mysterious disease in Gangachotlapenta.

Are you aware of similar incidents in your community?

You can use the Pulse VIRUS TRACKER to report new diseases that might be harmful to your community.


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An international news website just reported about the gruesome incident of nonchalantly chopping random women’s hair. Human hair, especially for women, is a crowning glory. It takes years for it to grow. Hair takes time to maintain and make it beautiful. What if all of a sudden, a stranger just calls your attention to trick you and before you know it, your hair was gone. Continue reading →

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GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: The MALLI Sweethearts of California

Starting out a family can be a handful so choosing the right life partner is important. This young couple found each other and couldn’t ask for more. You couldn’t deny how devoted they are to each other. Meet Aman and Palvi Malli from Daly City, California. The Indian couple met in the Philippines but decided to live in the States. When they first met, they knew they were a match made in heaven. Not long after their first meeting, they made a life-long decision to be each other’s spouse. Continue reading →

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PeN’s Top 10 Bollywood Goddesses of All Time

PeN’s Top 10 Bollywood Goddesses of All Time

We cannot talk about Bollywood, the largest film industry in the world, even surpassing Hollywood’s box office sales, without paying homage to its bevy of talented beauties of the big screen who, through generations, have inspired many film viewers and has shaped and redefined from time to time, our fantasies and ideals of what beauty and art are all about. In this PeNChat list, we give tribute to the muses of Indian cinema and look back at their unique lives and special contributions to world culture and our lives. Treat yourself to their lovely portraits and musical numbers and choose your favorites. Continue reading →

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