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Building a Better World with LEOS Worldwide!

Building a Better World with LEOS Worldwide!

Rarely will you encounter people who puts the welfare of others before theirs.

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Have you ever heard of Leo Clubs? They are real-life heroes; the leaders of tomorrow.

Young leaders. Leo Club International consists of young people who serve as positive agents of change within their communities. These young leaders develop valuable leadership skills, make new friends and have fun. (Description gathered from their website.)

Consisting of young leaders who are passionate about changing the world, they gathered early this November to tackle important points that are relevant to help today’s society. They also conducted activities meant to enhance each attendees’ potential for leadership; strengthen the bond that has been established as true LEOS.

The delegates came from different parts of the world. Some of them came from Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Pakistan and other amazing countries with active Leo members.

Leo Clubs International made sure that each club effort is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to create the best future for the incoming generation. Hence, a symposium was particularly designed to highlight such goals point by point.

These goals aim to eliminate poverty, hunger, inequalities; provide sustainable and clean water, energy and habitat for all living organisms on water, land and air; develop sustainable cities, education systems, industries, economics; and make sure that every being is respected however they chose to spend their lifetime through gender equality, having decent jobs with no worries about world peace and unbiased justice system.

Behind the event’s success are Leo Dr Wong Tze Cheng and Leo Bobby Wong , Leo Advisory Panelists, who totally exudes exceptional leadership and hospitality.

Take a look at Leo Club International’s successful event at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia conducted from 10th to 12th of November 2017.

The vibrant committee who worked so hard to make the event flawless.

Leo Bobby with delegates from Malaysia and the Philippines.

Young leaders from Thailand.

Leo Bobby with his senior Lion mentors.

The future generations may need not to worry. Leos all over the world will save the day.

Got a great idea to help the underserved? Got a fundraiser? PeN would like to help! Shoot us an email at for a possible collaboration with your group!

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PeN, considered a Super App, is redefining new standards in  mobile apps and ensuring seamless connectivity for its users. The team behind this amazing super app is sending its heartfelt gratitude to its 1 Million  users mostly coming from India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Kuwait, Morocco, Nepal, Algeria, Laos, Qatar, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and the Philippines. This milestone wouldn’t be possible without them.

Thank you, PeN Pals!

The superfluity of apps in the market but none addressing the underserved communities of the world inspired PeN CEO Ian Vernon to design a service that is intended for each end user’s satisfaction in the areas of personalised voice and messaging, healthcare, tourism, emergency services and social media.

PeN have enabled these features in one single mobile application. Feel lucky with the app’s credit-earning games and surprises. With PeN, each user has a chance to make calls and messages to loved ones even when they are offline or when they don’t have the app installed predominantly for free. Users can also take advantage of the super app’s emergency features where they can either make free emergency calls or locate loved ones to ensure their safety.

One of its innovative features, the PULSE Virus Tracker is helping in combating infection diseases where you can either check or report the newest contagious disease outbreak in your community, be it the Zika Virus, Dengue, Anthrax or the Plague.  

Just recently, PeN became an emergency tool to those affected by the massive calamities in India, Bangladesh and Nepal where majority of their cities have been flooded. PeN’s built-in features have also managed to provide free calls in North Africa and the Middle East, something that is a pretty big deal in those continents.

Users of all ages enjoy using PeN. Students,young professionals, businesspersons and even the generation of baby boomers find PeN to be a very practical app to use.

Most of them are thankful for the free ‘penney’ credits and for PeN, being an ‘awesome’ , ‘very nice’ and ‘mind blowing’ application that it is.

Actual feed backs from users.

Its other features, which are the usual staples on social media platforms, are more personalized and can be advantageous for buddies, small communities, potential businesses and upcoming social media personalities. Imagine reaching out to A NEW MILLION POSSIBILITIES of friends, business partners and fanbase! Once downloaded, PeN users can establish through its strategic community where a single post can instantly reach its million users.

PeN may be a newcomer that was only launched publicly a bit more than year ago but it already tackles major social responsibilities. PeN has launched its initiatives to protect and preserve our sole planet. Through the #PeNXGreenRevolution, this super app vows to plant ONE TREE for every 10 downloads to help mitigate climate change. PeN has chosen the Philippines as the introductory venue for the said cause given that the country is seen by a lot of biologists and preservationists having so much similarity with Galapagos with its mega-biodiversity.  PeN wants the environment to succeed alongside the super app’s success.  Eventually, every corner of the Earth will be planted by PeN’s initiative made possible by project partnerships with other organizations.

12,000 trees planted 3 months after the initiative started.

After a year of the PeN application being available and  having so much to offer, PeN’s more than 1 Million users can expect more innovations, social and environmental initiatives in the coming years.


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A total of 1,921 death cases caused by Cholera have been reported in Yemen, according to the World Health Organization. Yemen is facing a major health crisis hitting the young and old. The suspected patients are almost nearing half a million in numbers in less than 6 months.

Tracing Cholera-affected locations using the Pulse Virus Tracker by PeN Chat.


‘WHO’ reported a total of 443,166 suspected cases from the 27th of April to 1st of August 2017. Amanat Al Asimah, Al-Hudaydah, Hajjah, Amman and Dhamar earns the top 5 cities who have acquired the said disease, 53% of the entire cases all over Yemen.


The seriousness of the situation in Yemen has caught the attention of the world. Help is on the way for these Yemeni nationals who are vulnerable to more diseases. Poverty and famine accelerates the effect of Cholera. These factors shot up death cases headstrong.





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An overview of the locations infested with Avian Flu Virus using the Pulse Virus Tracker of Pen Chat Mobile App.

An official information from the World Health Organization confirms 16 new cases of the Avian Flu Virus from June 5 to June 23 of this year. This number adds up from the 5 initial reported cases from April 25 to June 6, 2017 with a total number of 21 A(H7N9) Avian Flu Virus cases in China. Continue reading →

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5 Phone Apps that Ease Out Depression

5 Phone Apps that Ease Out Depression

This era of high technology has its own pros and cons and it’s good to know that the health field is benefiting from it too. Help is just one download away most especially to those who are trying to win a battle towards depression. Here is a list of mobile apps that offers a wide variety of help to their users:

Continue reading →

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Google and PeN’s Plans to End Zika Virus

Google and PeN’s Plans to End Zika Virus

If you are familiar with the Aedes genus of mosquitoes spreading diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever, you would probably be aware by now that Zika Virus has been added to the top list that’s been bringing death and fear since early 2015. Just like its contemporaries, Zika Virus has been steadily spreading its momentum infecting patients and worst, causing deaths. Different initiatives have been implemented to stop the virus but health authorities can only do so much. Fortunately, there are current attempts right now that could possibly break the continuity of these viruses, particularly the Zika Virus. Continue reading →

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2016 PeN Hackathon

The company behind PeN, DMTech, recently held its first ever PeN Hackathon. Though working and stationed on various parts of the globe, it didn’t stop our growing team to showcase their coding skills. Continue reading →

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Open Letter to ALL PeN Chat Users

Open Letter to ALL PeN Chat Users

Dear PeN Pal,

These past few days, you may have experienced major interruption to all our voice – related services while you were online. We sincerely apologize for this service unavailability. This interruption is due to the change in service provider which we initiated this week. We are changing providers and platforms to be able to:

  • Provide you with better quality of voice services
  • Deliver to you more voice functionalities in the near future such as conference calling, virtual numbers, speech to text, etc.
  • Provide services to more, if not all countries around the world
  • Ensure better security for PeNNeY awarded to our users, and for PeNNeY that you purchase with us

While the voice services are down, you can continue to use PeN’s other features such as Chat, Spot, SOS, Places, Timeline, and Social. You will also continue to earn PeNNeY by browsing and posting to your timeline every day.
Once we complete the migration to another service provider, there is a need to update your PeN Chat app in Google Play.  The new version will be announced days ahead.
In the meantime, to show how we value your continued usage of PeN Chat, we will award 100 PeNNeY to all users.

We also encourage you to regularly use PeN Chat for browsing and posting (media such as pictures) to your timeline. This will help you earn additional PeNNey! The more you browse, the more you get bonuses.
Again, we apologize for the inconvenience of the service interruption. We are working as fast and as hard as we can to bring the voice services back to you.

We also thank you for the continued usage of PeN Chat and we are looking forward to providing you better services, not only on voice, but more importantly the services which are useful on your daily grind.

Sincerely yours,

Ian Vernon and the entire PeN Team.

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I love PeN’s Community Feature

I love PeN’s Community Feature

I am not really an outgoing person. I love staying at my house or my friends’ – just reading books or baking goodies. But that doesn’t mean I am not hungry for a social life. Of course, I still want to make new friends that I can share the same passion with. One day, I tried joining few groups in PeN community.


Good thing that I joined a Baker’s Community and from there, I met new friends. We shared recipes and in fact, we decided to meet in one of the member’s house! It was so much fun and thanks to PeN! I now have new skills and new friends. 🙂

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