GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Ms. Molera’s Work of Art

GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Ms. Molera’s Work of Art

How do you find comfort when things don’t go your way?

Most OFW’s  children embrace life abroad imperatively during such time they need to move in and follow wherever their parents are . They will never understand why they need to leave their friends behind nor switch schools and start all over again. Continue reading →

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The Worsening Threat of Dengue in Asia

The Worsening Threat of Dengue in Asia

Dengue virus dwells in the tropics and sub-tropic parts of the planet. Thus, Asia has suffered most in terms of the rallying cases of the vector-borne disease.

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Having been known for fatal results when not given immediate attention, the virus sets an alarming tone each time an outbreak is reported. Here are the cases that swept Asia in 2017:


Fresh from the scandal that brought Philippine health officials and Sanofi in shambles, the Philippines recorded 657 dengue-related deaths from November 2016 to November 2017. With a total case of 117,654 nationally, Dengue virus still imposes grave challenges to the Filipino nation.


In a week’s time, New Delhi covered 176 cases in the first week of December 2017. Although a decline in 2017 Dengue cases were revealed, the number of fatalities still alarm  health officials; the urge to find immediate solutions still an utmost priority. 9,072 cases were recorded this year making up a portion of 153 635 cases and 226 deaths in the entirety of India. 


174, 889 cases have been reported in Sri Lanka for 2017. The upsurge in number was brought by all 4 dengue strains found in the country. These strains have brought about 320 deaths according to the Epidemiology  Unit of the Ministry of Health.


A town in Pakistan,Peshawar, unfortunately had 69 deaths due to delayed blood transfusion and fluid overload after the dreaded dengue outbreak out of 24,807 laboratory-confirmed cases. 2,849 cases were recorded in the town of Karachi followed by 229 fatalities. 


For Malaysia, 81,790 new cases comprise the dengue statistics in 2017. 170 fatalities were recorded for the entire year.




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REAL TALK: Dengvaxia and Why You Don’t Need It YET

REAL TALK: Dengvaxia and Why You Don’t Need It YET

“There are 4 types of Dengue strains and all of those were transmitted to the Dengvaxia vaccine recipients “, says a pediatric doctor from St. Lukes Hospital Bonifacio Global City in the Philippines.

The pathophysiology of the vaccine clearly implies that ‘Dengvaxia’ isn’t fit for public consumption.

The statistics of Dengue cases in the Philippines may have compelled WHO, Sanofi Pasteur and the Philppine government through its Department of Health to conduct mass testing of the vaccine mostly to public school students.

What was supposed to cure Dengue outbreaks in targeted communities have simply failed to deliver and did exactly unforthcoming- Dengvaxia gave 4 strains of Dengue viruses to the vaccine receptors as if they already had the virus for 4 times already.

As a result, the vaccine will aggravate the respondent’s condition once they get infected by the Dengue-causing mosquito.

What can ‘Dengvaxia’ recipients do? “NOTHING. Unfortunately, they need to be careful not to have the Dengue virus in their system since they cannot afford to have the consequences from the vaccine”, added the source from St. Luke’s BGC.

It was believed that Sanofi Pasteur conducted a clinical trial in the Philippines through the Department of Health with then DOH Secretary Janet Garin‘s supervision.

Clinical trials have different phases and Dengvaxia was said to be on Phase 3. It

was administered to unintentional victims who basically had zero-knowledge of what could arise after testing the vaccine on them.

The Philippine government advises the public not to panic despite the commotion that is already circling the issue.

To understand the phases of clinical testing, watch this:


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GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Helen and Her Adventures

GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Helen and Her Adventures

Hey PeN pals!

Get to know the newest addition to our community!

Helen Sumampong- Cienca hails from Bohol, Philippines.

She left Bohol to chase her dreams; she became a pharmacist  in California, U.S.A.

You can say her typical day could be quite hectic and demanding that’s why she sees to it that her days off would be worthwhile.

She pampers herself and go shopping sometimes but when she’s on the mood, they go on exciting places you would definitely enjoy, too!

Helen lives in Brea which is strategically near to everything! Peek into Helen’s charmed life!

Last winter, they went to Mountain High where you can see the beauty of nature covered with fine snow!

Just look how they are enjoying the little snowman. Isn’t cool that she gets to make the most of her time with her family? Helen is such a wonderful woman.

Mountain High can be enjoyed by skiing or doing other extreme sports.

Photo grabbed from

They can easily treat the kids and have some fun time at Disneyland, too. Helen can go to Disneyland in Anaheim – anytime – since they are just minutes away! When kids are around, life becomes extra sweet, right? It doesn’t look like it but Helen is a doting grand mom already!

Helen also visits Las Vegas for some real relaxation with friends and her husband, Clyde.

Check out the Seven Magic Mountains they visited recently. The Seven Magic Mountains is a public-site art installation in the Nevada desert. Can you imagine how heavy those rocks are?!

And lastly, her trip to the Grand Canyon deserves an indescribable admiration. Nature’s wonder is beyond beautiful.

Watch out for Helen’s travel adventures on PeN communities. Follow the GLOBAL EXPATS COMMUNITY for more!

Until our next feature!

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Climate change is evidently happening globally. Manifestations of unduly calamities affect millions of people around the globe.

Fossil fuels, identified to heavily contribute to global warming, need to be modulated.

Everyday, tons of coal are being processed to become gas or petroleum for daily consumption.

Unfortunately, slowing down fossil fuels’ usage seem to be hard to avoid. Petroleum, a byproduct of fossil fuels are used in transportation. Its liquefied form is also used daily for cooking. It has regrettably become a part of daily life.

Last week, a convention by the Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines was held to showcase local inventions from different campuses.

One group of exhibitors were brainy youngsters Samantha de Roxas and Janus Reidg Quilao of Tagaytay City Science National High School.

You would be surprised how naive-looking these students are until they start explaining how they came up with their experiment.

These kids created Biogas out of vegetable leftovers from their city’s wet market! How commendable is that?

Aside from the fact that Biogas makes way to be an alternative of regular fossil fuel-derived gas and petroleum, picking up vegetable leftovers lessens food wastage that equally contributes to more greenhouse gases also leading to global warming and climate change.

Here are some of the snapshots from the said event:

The students behind this amazing research. Their parents must be so proud, right?

They may look like playful kids here but they sure are geniuses!

Their study on print.

Evidently, these kids are not to be messed with. Who knows? They could be the next leading scientists of their era.

Curious about their scientific discovery?

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Another killer disease has been spreading fear among the local residents of a major city in the Philippines.

Not long after the H5N6 Avian Flu strain was confirmed in Pampanga, health officials have also started to warn its residents about another possible outbreak. A deadly disease that can be acquired from mosquitoes, the Japanese encephalitis . Continue reading →

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The uprising statistics of HIV in the Philippines won’t seem to slow down any time soon.

According to DOH, an additional 968 cases piled up for the month of March 2017 alone. With ages reported ranging from 1-79 years old, 926 were male while 42 were female. 108 cases from that data were also recorded with AIDS and 27 reported deaths.

Locating cities with HIV cases using PeN’s Virus Tracker feature.

The top three highest regions were NCR with 32% of the entire cases, Region 4-A follows with 14% and Region 3 with 11%.

The data report can be checked here.

While there is still no cure for HIV, preventive measures are highly recommended.

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Check out this awesome  team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia consisting of Filipino common workers! For a nation who customary sends their natives in other lands to contribute to their economy's growth, there's nothing unusual anymore when a Filipino decides to leave the country for good in exchange of a greener pasteur. Adjusting to a new life depends on every unique situation but when a dearth of homesickness kicks in, Filipinos appear to have mastered the spirit of 'Bayanihan' and knows pretty sure how to cure a 'Kabayan' longing for home.
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