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PRESS RELEASE: Introducing PeN Superapp’s Fun Features and Exciting Prizes!

PRESS RELEASE: Introducing PeN Superapp’s Fun Features and Exciting Prizes!

Christmas day is far from over!

PeN super app seems to be spoiling everyone this season with its fun and exciting features!

These new features are Anonymous Feedbacks, PeN Stories, Penneygram and  24/7 Chat with Maya and Anna!

Never a dull moment would pass by with the app’s most anticipated chat moderators!  PeN users can ask Maya and Anna about anything and everything under the sun!

Every user will gain a new friend with these two lovely gals as their personalities are easy to relate to that spending time with them will definitely be a wonderful experience.

PeN super app also has a new updated feature which easily ignites fun interaction with its users. “Anonymous Feedbacks” will definitely brighten up anyones’s day once a randomly playful question is thrown at them.

Send or spend your PeNNey credits via Penneygram! This is definitely worth trying since these credits are convertible to gift cheques! Definitely practical for online shopping!

Last but definitely not least,  share stories at the updated PeN timeline! PeN stories will easily show what everyone is up to! Be your own celebrity whenever you want with PeN super app!

Everything about this app is fun and useful! Truly a super app with superb capabilities!




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PRESS RELEASE: Here’s a Hack For YOU to Get a *FREE* Holiday Shopping Money!

PRESS RELEASE: Here’s a Hack For YOU to Get a *FREE* Holiday Shopping Money!

Recently, PeN smartphone superapp launched their newest feature that would make every shopaholic or even financial savvy go busy clicking on their favorite online shopping sites!

Everyone is entitled to redeem PeN’s SHOPPING MONEY- all thanks to PeN!


Every second spent on the app is automatically reciprocated with credit points which can be eventually redeemed as an Amazon gift cheque!

It’s a perfect way add more budget on your pocket for this holiday season! Use these points to buy gifts for your loved ones or for that most-awaited gadget you’ve been eyeing for a long time!

All you have to do is use the app! Easy, right?

PeN users can start redeeming once they reach 5,000 PeNNey credits! You may check the superapp now to have a clear idea of this new concept.

Every 150 PeNNey credit will be equivalent to 1USD!

Now, do the math!

Will you be giving that gift cheque to your loved ones or spend it all to yourself?

Keep using PeN to earn more! Play the lucky draw for a chance to win 100 PeNNey at a time!

Now, if you want to try your luck much harder, you can simply post the hashtags #penrewards or #mysquadgoals and win a 5-star hotel stay or a new toy for your child like the Nintendo Switch!

What are you waiting for?
Enjoy PeN now!

For new users, FREE PeNNey will be instantly available when you download the app now at



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PRESS RELEASE: Dr. Patricia Cantimbuhan Tells Us About the Importance of Disease Surveillance

PRESS RELEASE: Dr. Patricia Cantimbuhan Tells Us About the Importance of Disease Surveillance

Communicable diseases cause the most deaths in low-income countries around the world. According to Statista, these diseases are Malaria, respiratory infections, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS,  and diarrheal diseases.

In an interview with Dr. Patricia A. Cantimbuhan, an Infectious Disease Specialist of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, disease surveillance was put on higlight. Disease surveillance is an important element to defeat a possible outbreak that can disastrously affect a population.

Dr. Patricia A. Cantimbuhan, Infectious Disease Specialist of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, gives emphasis on the importance of disease surveillance.

    “Health is an important part of our life.  We cannot function properly without good health.  Disease surveillance is one of the ways we can protect our health.

Primary reporting system is an important element.  However, no information is generated unless a report of disease is initiated by a physician, infection control professional or the laboratory. 

These healthcare workers will not be able to generate such information unless people in the community will seek consult or report their conditions to the proper authorities.” 


– Dra. Patricia Cantimbuhan, Infectious Disease Specialist

 When asked about the importance of increasing awareness towards reporting and monitoring of communicable diseases in an area, she simply said: “Vigilance is key.  Everyone plays a role in the promotion of good health.” 

With new technology from superapps like PeN’s virus tracking features, vigilant reporting from a community-generated level could be easily done these days. Health officials can encourage a mandate to report health cases with the use of downloadable  smartphone technology; these reported cases shall be assessed carefully to establish credibilty. 

With such technological improvements, resolving health-related deficits could later on be managed by cutting further complications by easily identifying disease origins. 

Dr. Cantimbuhan stressed that all outbreaks should undergo a systematic investigation to control and defeat it. “Disease surveillance plays an important role in outbreak control.  We need to generate correct, complete and timely data to help direct disease control activities”, she added. 

Prevention is key; But if it’s too late, refrain from self-medication. Dr. Patricia Cantimuhan advises patients to seek medical consult immediately;  Follow the doctor’s advice for isolation;  quarantine and chemoprophylaxis (use of medications) to help stop the spread of disease.

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PeN mobile application highlights nearby destinations that can possibly boost more visitors anywhere!

The digital age has made the world closer. Thanks to technology, everything seems to be easier now. Global tourism can be considered to have benefited from technological advancements through the rise of social media and various tools that captures the beauty of what used to be hidden travel spots.

A total of 1.22 trillion U.S dollars were collected solely from international tourism revenue in 2016 since the beginning of the new millennium according to Statista. Tourism is such a big industry and there’s certainly more horizon to explore.

The UNWTO made a forecast that international tourist arrivals will rise to 1.81 billion in 2030. In India, 8.89 million tourists arrived last year that contributed $220 billion, 9.6 % of the country’s GDP. Clearly, tourism plays a vital role in every country in terms of economic growth; and technology, through the internet and mobile applications, boosted its worth.

By using its SPOT feature, PeN super app guides every user to let them know the closest destinations to visit. SPOT has four categories to choose from that’s why this feature is not only limited to tourism. Even business owners can benefit from PeN’s useful feature. These places are categorized into ACTIVITIES, VISIT, DINE AND SHOP

Ian Vernon, PeN’s CEO certainly thought about how the app can maximize its reach. With PeN’s SPOT feature, any establishment’s vital information within the user’s radius will be made accessible to its users. Plus, users can also check who among their friends are near to the same vicinity making it easier to invite them over the closest hangout place.

SPOT is made far less complicated for a reason. With one single click, any travel destination or business establishment can be seen instantly by PeN’s millions of users. Unlike other social platforms, PeN has a centralized community making it easier to reach out and promote any merchandise!

PeN made it easier for you to visit new places or attract new customers. PeN still has a long way to go, be with us and join us with our growth. Go check out the app and find out how it can help you find the best places near you!


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