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Filipino Star MAINE MENDOZA Continues to Shine!

Filipino Star MAINE MENDOZA Continues to Shine!

Her latest magazine cover is giving everyone a hard time.

She looks so good in every shot that they can’t choose the best photo to use!

It’s been 2 years since ‘Tamang Panahon’ shook the entire world but our main girl keeps on proving everyone wrong!

Maine Mendoza continues to slay! Start calling the bookstores near you to reserve the most anticipated copy of Preview Magazine’s upcoming edition.

We all know that Alden Richard’s leading lady has a huge following globally especially in the Middle East where our PeN Pals would definitely love to see more of her!

For Preview Magazine’s December-January edition in the Philippines, Ms. Maine will grace the cover looking like a fierce queen.

Preview Magazine is probably having a hard time deciding on the best photo to use for their upcoming cover that’s why they are letting the people decide!

Take a look at the shots they were having a hard time choosing from!

First: Close-up? This is lovely, isn’t?!

Second: Fierce? Sweet? Maine Mendoza is everything!

Third: Mysterious? Regal? No wonder her beau is crazy about her!

Ms. Mendoza was born and raised in the Philippines. It only took one day to change her life. It was one fateful day in August 2015 that catapulted her and Alden Richards (her boyfriend now) to super stardom.

It took a leap of faith to make fame happen to her but it was really her character that made her stand out. She really is a super star by being a good role model to her followers.

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