Cool Life Hacks You Can Do with Your Samsung Phone

Cool Life Hacks You Can Do with Your Samsung Phone

Admit it or not, your smartphone has been your BFF since you don’t know when! It is the last thing you tinker before you sleep (or you fall asleep while browsing through something), it wakes you up in the morning, and you even bring it with you to your bath (okay, I’m guilty with this one). You just can’t get enough of your smartphone. So what else can we think of to make the most out of our beloved gadget? Here are some cool ideas you can try from Samsung. Continue reading →

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Is the Future Virtual or Augmented?

This year we have seen the rise of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets from cheap ones like Google’s Cardboard to more expensive ones like Oculus Rift. And of course, there are some which augment our reality.  Augmented Reality (AR) is back in the limelight after Google’s release of its Tango platform, and after the hype that Pokemon go created. Continue reading →

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