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2016 PeN Hackathon

The company behind PeN, DMTech, recently held its first ever PeN Hackathon. Though working and stationed on various parts of the globe, it didn’t stop our growing team to showcase their coding skills. Continue reading →

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Open Letter to ALL PeN Chat Users

Open Letter to ALL PeN Chat Users

Dear PeN Pal,

These past few days, you may have experienced major interruption to all our voice – related services while you were online. We sincerely apologize for this service unavailability. This interruption is due to the change in service provider which we initiated this week. We are changing providers and platforms to be able to:

  • Provide you with better quality of voice services
  • Deliver to you more voice functionalities in the near future such as conference calling, virtual numbers, speech to text, etc.
  • Provide services to more, if not all countries around the world
  • Ensure better security for PeNNeY awarded to our users, and for PeNNeY that you purchase with us

While the voice services are down, you can continue to use PeN’s other features such as Chat, Spot, SOS, Places, Timeline, and Social. You will also continue to earn PeNNeY by browsing and posting to your timeline every day.
Once we complete the migration to another service provider, there is a need to update your PeN Chat app in Google Play.  The new version will be announced days ahead.
In the meantime, to show how we value your continued usage of PeN Chat, we will award 100 PeNNeY to all users.

We also encourage you to regularly use PeN Chat for browsing and posting (media such as pictures) to your timeline. This will help you earn additional PeNNey! The more you browse, the more you get bonuses.
Again, we apologize for the inconvenience of the service interruption. We are working as fast and as hard as we can to bring the voice services back to you.

We also thank you for the continued usage of PeN Chat and we are looking forward to providing you better services, not only on voice, but more importantly the services which are useful on your daily grind.

Sincerely yours,

Ian Vernon and the entire PeN Team.

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I love PeN’s Community Feature

I love PeN’s Community Feature

I am not really an outgoing person. I love staying at my house or my friends’ – just reading books or baking goodies. But that doesn’t mean I am not hungry for a social life. Of course, I still want to make new friends that I can share the same passion with. One day, I tried joining few groups in PeN community.


Good thing that I joined a Baker’s Community and from there, I met new friends. We shared recipes and in fact, we decided to meet in one of the member’s house! It was so much fun and thanks to PeN! I now have new skills and new friends. 🙂

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This app is NOT us! Do not be fooled!

This app is NOT us! Do not be fooled!

Hey PeN Pals,

Just a quick notice.

We haven’t changed our Logo and we are still keeping the ‘TEAL’.

We received messages if we are the same with the ‘PenChat Messenger’ app. We are not, so don’t be fooled.

For our  PeN Pals who were concerned, BIG HUGS from the team.



This is not us.


Download the real PeN here!

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PeN SOS Saved Me!

I am working in a call center in the Philippines. I was used to taking public transportation until something happened one unfortunate night. While I was sitting on the bus, one man sat beside me. It wasn’t a big deal until I felt that he was trying to touch me. At first, I ignored it but the man didn’t stop. I was scared to confront him because he might have a sharp object with him that can hurt me.

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See what our users are saying about PeN

In just few months, we are reaching milestone after milestone. Our team wants the best for our users and we listen to your feedback. Here are some of the great things we received from our PeN Pals.

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An Instant Reunion Made Possible by PeN

I was so bored one day that I decided to head to the nearest mall and kill time. But it was so sad sipping coffee on my own. Out of desperation to check if I have nearby friends, I turned on my SPOT and to my surprise, 4 of my friends were nearby!

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