SWEDEN, October 3 /PEN/PeN super application has made bold efforts to make a difference in the mobile scene. Every user of PeN can be assured that they can use the mobile application in times of distress.

Have you downloaded the PeN app today?

One of its most valuable features is the PeN SOS. The number of smartphone users in the year 2017 has an estimate reach of 2.32 billion according to Statista. Clearly, majority of the world’s population has been using technology in their everyday lives but in case you’ve checked, only a small number of EMERGENCY mobile apps can be downloaded from various mobile application stores.

The last quarter of 2017 may have only started to unfold but a tragedy has already marked its terror during the latest attack in Las Vegas when a gunman heartlessly aimed and shot concert-goers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The victims had no idea that going to a concert could end their lives. Sadly, this is the reality we have to face every day. Neither race nor country can guess where the next act of terror will be served.

Accidents also happen whether we like it or not. For the underserved countries, emergency hotlines do not send help right away. In India, the total number of accidents from 2001-2015 has reached 4.7 Million according to its Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. During the last incident of stampede in India , PeN’s SOS feature could have located a person in distress in the stampede’s vicinity. If an accident happened to you, have you thought of the best back-up plan? Plan it with PeN!

With the help of PeN super app, calling your country’s emergency numbers, sending out distress feelers and helping friends or loved ones in need can be done with its built-in SOS feature. Each user can pre-assign emergency contacts in their smartphone. Nobody can tell when the next emergency situation will happen, right?

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About PeN : PeN is a super app from Dark Matter AB in Sweden with a complete suite of communication applications. PeN is an innovation from teams of individuals who helped improved user experiences on billions of mobile devices.


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The rapid increase in health care cost affects billions of lives every day.

In some countries, especially in the underdeveloped nations of the world, ailing citizens would rather opt for alternative remedies rather than seek for professional medication from hospitals simply due to expensive costs.

A report from WHO stated that,   “The most commonly reported reasons for using traditional and complementary/alternative medicine are that it is more affordable, more closely corresponds to the patient’s ideology, and is less paternalistic than allopathic medicine. Regardless of why an individual uses it, traditional and complementary/alternative medicine provides an important health care service to persons both with and without geographic or financial access to allopathic medicine.”

Traditional medication often leads to homeopathy and natural healing but what if a simple disease leads to a contagious outbreak since no professional public health monitoring is accessible while the patient is at home or simply because of merely hesitating modern medicine?

When isolated medical cases turn out to be contagious to a much bigger population, how late is too late in determining the source and prevention? Resorting to technology could be a great idea.

A disease tracking feature in a mobile application is easily made available to smartphone users. PeN super app added the PULSE Virus Tracker feature to simply aid in disease surveillance and strengthens public health monitoring.

Through the app, disease reporting and surveillance can be done as easy as posting updates on other social media sites.

Traditional medicine is an unbendable belief that is already around since the beginning of civilization. The next important thing that needs to be addressed is how to integrate the traditional practice to modern medicine so it doesn’t compromise public health.

Anyone can contribute by easily accessing the PeN application even on remote locations.

“An analysis of media reports and recent studies in West Africa reveals notable resistance against prescribed scientific ways of combating the transmission of Ebola in some affected communities”, according to a study of Angellar Manguvo and Benford Mafuvadze.

Making hospitals more appealing by having cutting edge technology and highly professional medical attendants won’t seem to be enough reason to debunk traditional practices. Well maybe, unless the price tag changes and becomes more affordable but still not entirely.

Raising awareness and immediately assisting in cutting the source of possible outbreaks is feasible. Making use of tools, like PeN, that show recent contagious diseases is already helpful.

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Cool Life Hacks You Can Do with Your Samsung Phone

Cool Life Hacks You Can Do with Your Samsung Phone

Admit it or not, your smartphone has been your BFF since you don’t know when! It is the last thing you tinker before you sleep (or you fall asleep while browsing through something), it wakes you up in the morning, and you even bring it with you to your bath (okay, I’m guilty with this one). You just can’t get enough of your smartphone. So what else can we think of to make the most out of our beloved gadget? Here are some cool ideas you can try from Samsung. Continue reading →

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Signs You Are In A Wrong Relationship.

Remember how you thought that everything will be pink and butterflies because you’re in love? But after some time, things changed. They always do, and it is not always for the best. How do you really know if he is the one for you? Here are some signs you might consider to check if your relationship is for keeps.

Signs You Are In A Wrong Relationship.

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2016 PeN Hackathon

The company behind PeN, DMTech, recently held its first ever PeN Hackathon. Though working and stationed on various parts of the globe, it didn’t stop our growing team to showcase their coding skills. Continue reading →

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The Value of Rewarding Users

In life, we receive recognitions or rewards when we do something good, it can be a simple thank you, or a flashy medal, or even big monetary award akin to winning the lottery. Most of the time (and admit it) we do things knowing that there is a corresponding award in doing so. Continue reading →

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The New Social Media

They say trends come and go like how fashion just repeats every other era. Today, majority of the earth’s population revolves around entertainment, relationship and all things nice and classy. How would you like to put together all your favorites and interests and browse over numerous brand and fan pages?

With PeN, you can update your profile depending on your interests and browse the PeN community whether you like movies, sports, celebrities or fashion. Interact with other users by liking similar fanpages and sending out comments. You can also participate on various polls and be heard because everyone’s opinion matters and PeN would like to share it to your fellow users.

PeN also let you see all exciting events related to your interests because we don’t want you to waste time scrolling for so long or tapping too many icons and still can’t find what you really like to view. This trend is the new social media that will unquestionably going to make your life more enjoyable and interactive.

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SOS – A Tap Away


SOS! Save Our Ship! Remember kids, this is the international Morse code distress signal used by Maritime people since I guess the 1900’s. On a basic view, it’s a short term for asking emergency help. With our fast phase world today, what could be the best way to send out an emergency call? You’ve been watching too much end-of-the-world movies lately, but have you ever think about a crisis plan incase something realistic happens?

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A Pen Goes Digital

A Digital Prologue To This App

That November issue of Newsweek sometime early 2000 is one of the covers that struck on my mind. The headline says “Books aren’t dead. (They’re just going digital).

How could someone not forget a headline such that?

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