Personalized Artificial Intelligence

Personalized Artificial Intelligence

Previously, I have discussed how we design AI to be fun, useful and friendly. (Which you can read here)

These AI use voice as main interaction medium; such AI also function human personalities so they feel more human-like when they interact with users.

Which got me thinking:  “Why not go a step further and have personalized AI to cater your specific needs?” Continue reading →

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SWEDEN, October 3 /PEN/PeN super application has made bold efforts to make a difference in the mobile scene. Every user of PeN can be assured that they can use the mobile application in times of distress.

Have you downloaded the PeN app today?

One of its most valuable features is the PeN SOS. The number of smartphone users in the year 2017 has an estimate reach of 2.32 billion according to Statista. Clearly, majority of the world’s population has been using technology in their everyday lives but in case you’ve checked, only a small number of EMERGENCY mobile apps can be downloaded from various mobile application stores.

The last quarter of 2017 may have only started to unfold but a tragedy has already marked its terror during the latest attack in Las Vegas when a gunman heartlessly aimed and shot concert-goers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The victims had no idea that going to a concert could end their lives. Sadly, this is the reality we have to face every day. Neither race nor country can guess where the next act of terror will be served.

Accidents also happen whether we like it or not. For the underserved countries, emergency hotlines do not send help right away. In India, the total number of accidents from 2001-2015 has reached 4.7 Million according to its Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. During the last incident of stampede in India , PeN’s SOS feature could have located a person in distress in the stampede’s vicinity. If an accident happened to you, have you thought of the best back-up plan? Plan it with PeN!

With the help of PeN super app, calling your country’s emergency numbers, sending out distress feelers and helping friends or loved ones in need can be done with its built-in SOS feature. Each user can pre-assign emergency contacts in their smartphone. Nobody can tell when the next emergency situation will happen, right?

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About PeN : PeN is a super app from Dark Matter AB in Sweden with a complete suite of communication applications. PeN is an innovation from teams of individuals who helped improved user experiences on billions of mobile devices.


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SWEDEN, September 15 /PEN/PeN super app is planting at least 100 trees everyday vowing to use its worldwide reach for a much greater cause- make a difference for Mother Earth.

Aggressive trade and technology advancement seem to contribute to a faster run-down of the environment’s overall health. Electronic wastes fume unwanted toxic chemicals, such as Cadmium, from all sorts of landfills. According to M.B. Kirkham, Cadmium can bioaccumulate in the environment posing harm due to highly toxic substances.

Technology has been steadily improving thus a campaign for a more responsible usage and disposal must be globally raised to reciprocate its growing environmental threat.

PeN has already planted a total of 12, 537 trees (as of this writing) since it started its global campaign in June 2017. Alongside the company’s growth will surely benefit the environment by expecting a new tree to be planted for every 10 app download. The total number of downloads from June to August 2017 alone totalled to a whopping 121,782 hence the said planted trees.

Image 1. A glimpse on the remote location in the Philippines where the initial trees are being planted.

Barely two years in the business, PeN has already attracted almost a million users worldwide mostly coming from India, Middle East and Asia. Beginners luck? Not really. Having a real-deal visionary CEO, this super app will surely break barriers.

PeN, packed with the most advanced ideas, is set to redefine how an app should serve society and slowing down its development to provide the best features for its users is not yet an option. It will continue to plant trees for its unwaged sustainable and eco-conscious responsibility.

Ian Vernon, PeN CEO, wants to make sure that the PeN super app will do more good than harm.

He knows that everyone will need the PeN app sooner than you think.

With more sensible features heeding the current needs of society, PeN is definitely the next big thing.


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PeN is now a part of Mobile Heights!

PeN is now a part of Mobile Heights!

We are proud to announce that PeN is now a member of Mobile Heights, an industry driven networking community founded by Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Telia Company and the Regional Council of Skåne and the universities of Lund, Malmö and Blekinge. Continue reading →

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How to Balance Advanced Technology and the Nature?

How to Balance Advanced Technology and the Nature?

Climate change and global warming is a hot topic in the news, notably when US President Donald Trump took the unpopular decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement. But what is the fuzz all about and how does it affect the common person?
According to the UN, climate change is now affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people, communities and countries dearly today and even more tomorrow. Continue reading →

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Say It While You Can

Say It While You Can

Today, I’m at my grandmother’s wake.

Say It While You Can

Yes, it is a sad news for the family. But at some point, it’s also a relief to know that our grandmother will not suffer from her illness anymore.

You see, my aunts and uncles live in different parts of the world. Some are here in the Philippines. Others are in Europe and one is from the US. But even if they are miles away from each other, it seems that their bond is stronger than ever.

I believe technology plays a huge role on their relationship. I often hear them say, ‘I love you’!

With the existence of cellphones, video calls and of course, internet, families who live apart are still updated.

Can you just imagine delivering a bad news via snail mail?

Without technology, they won’t be able to know the news and possibly won’t be able to fly back home.

Without video calls, they would only rely on photos to see my grandmother.

Even if there are a lot of negative news and impacts of internet and social media, most especially to kids nowadays, I still believe that its main purpose is to improve our lives, and to make people closer – even if they are on different poles of the planet.

PeN might be a simple app for some, but for our family, it became our tool for strengthening our ties.

Almen, 30, Philippines

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2016 PeN Hackathon

The company behind PeN, DMTech, recently held its first ever PeN Hackathon. Though working and stationed on various parts of the globe, it didn’t stop our growing team to showcase their coding skills. Continue reading →

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The Value of Rewarding Users

In life, we receive recognitions or rewards when we do something good, it can be a simple thank you, or a flashy medal, or even big monetary award akin to winning the lottery. Most of the time (and admit it) we do things knowing that there is a corresponding award in doing so. Continue reading →

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Is the Future Virtual or Augmented?

This year we have seen the rise of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets from cheap ones like Google’s Cardboard to more expensive ones like Oculus Rift. And of course, there are some which augment our reality.  Augmented Reality (AR) is back in the limelight after Google’s release of its Tango platform, and after the hype that Pokemon go created. Continue reading →

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