Things Women are Tired of Hearing

Things Women are Tired of Hearing

Things Women are Tired of Hearing
Things Women are Tired of Hearing

Today, we celebrate the International Women’s Day. And looking back, I’m sure you noticed how the perception about women changed overtime. Female Empowerment has drastically improved throughout the years. However, there are still apparent discrimination in other parts of the globe and within certain culture. In this post, I’ll tell you some of the things that women are tired of hearing. For some it can just be a plain joke, but sometimes – it can hit the heart tremendously.

What are the things that women are tired of hearing?

1. “She can’t lead this company. She’s a girl.” – Really now? You think the corporate world is only for men? You look around and check some of the most successful leaders. We all have different styles in leadership and yes, it can work too!

2. “Girls are so unstable” – We have our mood swings, but that doesn’t mean we are unstable. Just give us ice cream when we feel bad. 🙂

3. “You are so emotional” – And that’s probably the reason why we love to make other people feel good – INCLUDING YOU!

4. “You can’t handle this, you are too weak!” – I hear this every time there’s an activity that require physical strength. Come on!

5. “You need a man to survive.” – Lousy!

6. “You can’t drive a car” – Oh gosh, another lousy remark. There are bad male drivers too, you know.

7.  “She needs to just stay at home and clean the house.” – a) Maintaining an organized home is never easy b) We can be wherever we want to be!

8. “It’s ok if men will cheat. If a woman does that, she’s a bitch.” – It will never be OK!

9. “You are too fat/thin.” – And so what? Being beautiful comes in different shapes.

10. “You deserve to be maltreated because you asked for it.” – Egoistic much?

If you have muttered one of these, please DO NOT EVER REPEAT IT AGAIN! Women don’t need to be treated special. They need to be treated fairly. That’s all. That’s the essence of female empowerment and it doesn’t really aim to overpower the other gender.

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