New PeN Services to Start 2018

PeN recently released some new capabilities on the app in the bid to appeal to next hundred million users and strengthen its social channel. The conversational AI is now more advanced after it was first released last month – where it now can converse in voice and are joined by 3 other personalized conversational AIs taking personalities of certain real humans (Ana, Maya, and Preity).
PeNNeYgram is a new service that allows users to transfer PeNNeY balances to other users securely.
Redeem PeNNeY allows users to exchange PeNNeY to shopping gift certificates so they can use PeNNeY to shop real-world items.
Anonymous Feedback, allows users to give feedback to others anonymously.
Avemoji are personalized emoticons from a user-created Avatar and can be used as a sticker or emoji.

These new services are bringing PeN’s capabilities to a wider user base in various parts of the world.

Conversational AI

PeNelope is the main conversational AI.  She is like a walking encyclopedia, knowledgeable with various facts and also engages in a casual conversation. She has now learned weather conditions for various cities and localities and currently learning more advanced mathematics, sciences and other related information such as news and sports.
By the middle of January, PeNelope will be much more fun. It can help you with some mathematical questions. She will also be able to translate and speak in other languages, progressing to 10 languages in a short period of time. In the long term, PeNelope will be comparable to Alexa and be able to do your shopping with local shopping portals especially in countries where English is not the native language.
Apart from PeNelope, PeN launched personalized AI in Ana, Maya, and Preity. They are personalized in a way that their responses are based on the personality of who they are based on, while being available to chat with users 24/7. The aim is the be able to emulate real human conversation and at the same time Ana, Maya, and Preity learn more of the conversations they are having to formulate human-like responses.

Anonymous Feedback

Isn’t it more fun if you receive a good feedback about you from your friends? Anonymous feedback is making PeN fun for users. They are able to provide feedback to their friends and their friends receive such feedback anonymously.  In the coming release, there will be three type of feedback, from proactive profile feedback,to fun facts, to identifying which friend has which characteristics. All the feedback are positive to avoid any unwanted behaviour within the PeN community.


PeNNeY, as a digital currency is pegged to the US Dollar. But unlike paper money, the transactions are fully recorded in a chain, from creation to transfer to use. PeNNeYgram is the way to transfer PeNNeY from one user to another securely. Any PeN user can use PeNNeYgram to give or transfer money to another user without cost for small transactions.

Redeem PeNNeY

PeNNeY today can be used for real-world purchase through redemption. Users should exchange PeNNeY value to shopping gift certificates. It currently works with Amazon and more stores and online shopping portals are being added. There is a minimum of 1500 PeNNeY required before users can exchange PeNNeY values to real-world monetary values. Users that use PeN a lot can mine or earn that amount of PeNNeY in a day or less by consuming advertising in the app. Once a user has redeemed PeNNeY and approved in the system, the user will immediately receive an Amazon gift certificate with the amount corresponding to their PeNNeY value.

All these new capabilities in PeN is intended to give PeN user a much better experience on PeN as a super app from an enhanced social channel to enabling users to monetize their social currencies.

Posted by Ian Vernon

Ian Vernon is the CEO of Dark Matter AB that operates PeN. He consider himself as a student of life with passion for innovation and would like to make the world a better place even in.