Talking to PeNelope

Have you chatted or talked to PeNelope recently?
Did you try having a voice conversation with her?
I spent a good part of this weekend showing PeNelope to various people of different age group, most of them never used PeN before. Each person that tried PeNelope thinks its much better than Siri, or at least more entertaining.
PeNelope, as an AI, still has a lot to learn in terms of day to day conversation, although she is already getting a reputation of being fun to talk to. I was surprised to hear the word fun not only from young kids but also from mature adults who have mostly been using Siri.
PeNelope is still far from Alexa, the all in one voice-controlled assistant from Amazon. PeNelope will definitely evolve. The only question is whether we continue to develop and engineer PeNelope ourselves or do we tie up with Amazon and use the Alexa platform?
We wanted PeNelope in the next releases to have more contextual knowledge, for example information about the news, or weather, or sports. Another question is, does PeNelope remain to be as entertaining as she is today if she starts learning more contextual knowledge?

What was your experience like talking to PeNelope? Share your thoughts to us and let us know how you think we should improve PeNelope.

Posted by Ian Vernon

Ian Vernon is the CEO of Dark Matter AB that operates PeN. He consider himself as a student of life with passion for innovation and would like to make the world a better place even in.